Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo [M-Tech] is an exhibition gathering all kinds of mechanical parts such as bearings, fasteners, mechanical springs, metal and plastic processing technology. M-Tech attracts a significant number of professionals every year from design, development, manufacturing, production engineering, purchasing and quality control departments, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.

Discover international suppliers

Onsite consultations with drawings and samples

Meet manufacturers for special orders

Find cost reduction, VA/VE solutions

Manufacturing World Osaka 2020 Scene from Day 1

M-Tech  collaborates with:

Business Structure during the show

Exhibitor Profile

[Motion Technology Fair]
Bearings|Shafts|Changers/Reducers|Gear Wheels|Belts|Chains

[Motors Fair]

[Compressors/Fluid Power Transmissions Fair]
Hydraulics Equipment|Water Hydraulics Equipment|Seals|Pneumatics Equipment

[Tube Components Fair]

[Mechanical Parts Fair]
Hinges|Stays|Levers|Casters|Mechanical Parts & Related Products

[Fasteners & Fastening Technology Fair]

[Mechanical Springs Fair]
Spring Forming Machines|Forming/Processing Technologies|Variety Springs

[Fasteners & Fastening Technology Fair]
Machining/Cutting|Pressing|Forging|Casting|Die-Casting|Fabrication Technologies

[Ultraprecision Processing/Microfabrication Fair]
Fine/Ultraprecision Processing Technologies

[Fine/Ultraprecision Processing Technologies]
Plating|Surface Coating|Surface Treatment & Modification Technologies

[Deburring & Surface Finishing Fair]
Blasting Technologies|Barrel Finishing|Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies/Equipment

[Mechanical Parts Cleaning Fair]
Mechanical Parts Cleaning Fair

[Processing Machines & Machine Tools Fair]
Hand Tools|Machine Tools (Injection Molding Machines, Metal/Resin Processing Machines, etc.)

Visitor Profile

Manufacturing industry professionals from design, development, trial production, production engineering, procurement, maintenance and quality control departments.

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