Manufacturing World Osaka is the Asia's leading manufacturing exhibition consisting 5 manufacturing specialized exhibitions. The exhibitions are Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo Osaka, Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo Osaka, Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo Osaka, Industrial AI/IoT Expo Osaka, and newly launching Advanced 3D Printing Expo Osaka. The next show will be held grandly and expected to gather 1,350* exhibitors.
Visit Manufacturing World Osaka 2019!



Visitor ticket and two business cards are required for entry.

The ticket is valid for one person only and is available for all the concurrent shows taken place during the show period.

If you plan to be accompanied by more than one person, visitor tickets equivalent to the number of attendees are necessary.

※Once the visitor registration has been completed, you will receive an email attached with URL to download your ticket.
※Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket.
※Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.

Why Manufacturing World Osaka?

Point 1: Asia's leading manufacturing exhibition!

Manufacturing World Osaka is Asia's leading manufacturing exhibition 1,350*companies will exhibit for the next show. The show is the ideal place for those looking to find out the best solutions by comparing new product & technology, technical consultation with blue print, estimating cost, and schedule.

Point 2: Industry professionals from Japan and around the world will exhibit!

Companies from Japan and around the world will exhibit the newest technology & product in this exhibition. You can compare the companies' products on-site which is difficult to meet usually.

Point 3: Top Industry seminars are also held with this exhibition!

Seminar sessions will be held by top industry leaders everyday! Learn the insights on current and future technology trends and apply them to solve your business issues!


Those under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the show.
JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.

“Manufacturing World” held 3 times a year!

World's leading exhibition with 2,600* exhibitors

Central Japan’s largest exhibition with 1,150* exhibitors