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AI and IoT solutions for your manufacturing needs!

Here are some of the exhibitors and products that will be on show.

Company Name:ARUM INC.
Introducing a fully automated NC programming software that can significantly reduce machining programming costs, which used to account for 50% of the cost structure in the metalworking industry, by using AI.

Company Name:MENOU CORP.
Why not automate your visual inspection with AI that anyone can use? We provide total support from imaging. We offer a free PoC to help you implement an AI system that meets your needs before you invest.

Company Name:ASILLA INC.
This is a behavior recognition AI engine that packages intrusion detection, person identification, and discomfort detection.

Company Name:YAMAZEN CO.
With this product, machine tool manufacturers can reduce maintenance costs and machine tool users can make effective use of machine availability information to improve production line availability.

Company Name:WINGARC1ST INC.
We visualize various data in real time, from various KPIs of the production line and the operation status of the equipment to the inventory holding status of thousands or tens of thousands of items, to support decision making on the shop floor.

Company Name:T-NET JAPAN CO., LTD.
Network communication makes it possible to monitor, operate and support from a distance. "This solves the problem of not being able to see the operating status without being on site, or not being able to operate the equipment without visiting the site.

A product for remote maintenance of industrial PCs connected to the factory network. By installing a dedicated connector, remote maintenance can be carried out without directly connecting the industrial PC to the Internet.

A cloud service to build a manufacturing information database based on photos taken on site. It is also effective for supply chain visualization, on-site IT and technology transfer.

Company Name: YUEI CO., LTD.
This is an integrated network system that allows anyone to easily build an IoT environment. The system makes it easy to capture data, collect data, visualize and analyze data, and utilize data.

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