Deburring / Cleaning / Processing Machines

Deburring & cleaning machines, laser markers to improve productivity!

Here are some of the exhibitors and products that will be on show.

Company Name:ST-LINK
Dry type, automatic deburring machine with six abrasive brushes, which grind the workpiece from multiple angles, preventing scratches and secondary burrs.

This is our new product which combines the "conveyor type" and "tumbler type" of shot blasting machines. It is a one-way blasting process, enabling in-line operation and manpower saving.

Company Name:TIPTON CORP.
Solves the trade-off between "powerful polishing" and "saving wear and tear of the abrasive stones", which is difficult to achieve with conventional barrel finishing machines.

Company Name:TANISHI CO., LTD.
Realisation of a compatible polishing machine with excellent cost performance as well as functionality! It contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the polishing process and to total cost reduction.

Company Name:MINITOR CO., LTD.
The ultra compact, high performance D.C. microgrinder has evolved even further! With a maximum speed of 35,000 rpm and a hand switch. Foot switch (sold separately) is also available.

The use of ceramic abrasive cloth keeps the sharpness of the cutting edge. Low wear and outstanding durability. (Conical or flat type selectable).

Company Name:DEERFOS CO., LTD.
The use of self-sharpening abrasives ensures a high and lasting grinding power. In addition, the coating on the product surface prevents grinding burn and maximises grinding efficiency.

Company Name:KTEC CO., LTD.
A compact, space-saving manual tool that requires no power supply. Anyone can safely bend what they want, on the spot, when they want!

Company Name: KIRISHIMA
This is an amazing filtration system that improves machining accuracy and reduces wastage, reduces filter consumables and is maintenance free.

Company Name:COSMOTECH CO., LTD.
Through the water-soluble liquid waste treatment system FRIENDLY, we support corporate activities that contribute to society from three aspects: environmental protection, safety and economy.

Company Name:MATSUKEN CO., LTD.
Stable separation of wastewater into "clear treated water" and "wastewater components such as oil". No need to adjust chemicals due to concentration fluctuations & fully automatic operation to save your manpower.

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