What is Online Business Matching Service

It helps you to find what you are looking for from the physical exhibition

You can connect with a on-site Show Management staff via online (chat tools as Zoom, Teams, Wechat, Kakaotalk, etc.) and walk through the exhibition hall remotely and have online business meetings with exhibitors from your home/office. Our staff speaks English, Chinese and Korean, so you can communicate with Japanese exhibitors effectively.

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"Online Business Matching Service"

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Merits of Participating

Real-time, Face-to-face with Exhibitors

Interpreter Service(English, Chinese, Korean)

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Comments from previous service users

China Major Railways Company, Administration
We joined this service last time and I was satisfied to be able to talk with exhibitors who have excellent technology.We plan to participate in this service again and have many of our colleagues from the technical department with us to view the exhibition.

China Major Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
We found good products in robot systems and inspection equipment and were satisfied with the technical discussions. The interpreter's guidance was smooth and careful.

Taiwan Manufacturer, CEO
It's quite impressive. I could see the exhibitions and demos through the hand phone camera. In addition, I could talk to the exhibitors through the hand phone as well. We also exchanged the digital business cards.

Taiwan PC Accessories Manufacturer, General Manager
We looked at CAD/CAM related products to speed up product development. it's suitable for me to go through the show in the short time and very efficient.

Korea Automobile Manufacturer, Senior Research
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a good opportunity to expand insight. We discussed and compared several 3D printers. We were able to have meaningful business meetings and were satisfied.

China Major Manufacturer, Chief Technology Planner
Remote Visiting Plan was a good and safe way for us because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I joined the show to look for components for our watch and to compare motors and screw products.

Korea Electronics manufacturer, Professional
Show Management arranged real time business meetings with exhibitors online and then helped us to connect with them from the exhibition hall. We had great meetings with demonstrations of AI tools.

China Precision instruments
Remote Visiting Plan made the exhibition very user-friendly, with special staff on hand to provide one-to-one support around the booths.

How to Participate

・It is only for manufacturing and trading companies who are planning to import products/technologies.
・If you are interested in exhibiting, please do not apply for this service. Please click here to contact our sales team.